Creating a CheckPoint VPN Connection on Windows 8.1

16 Jan 2014

CheckPoint VPN Windows 8.1

So we use CheckPoint VPN, but the most frustrating part is that when a new version on windows is released the CheckPoint VPN client is incompatible with it and makes your computer weird when you do try use it.

For a while now I (and others) have been waiting for a client for windows 8.1. Very recently I found out that this functionality is baked into Windows 8.1 already and we don't have to wait Smile. Here's how to create the VPN connection

Open the Charms bar (slide from the right or Win + C) and click Settings

step 1

Select Change PC Settings

step 2

Click on Network

step 3

Under connections select Add a VPN connection

step 4

Choose Check Point VPN as the provider, enter a name for the connection and also enter the server name or address and click Save

step 5

You should see your connection in the Connections page now

step 6

Head back to the charms bar and click Networks

step 7

Under Connections you will see your VPN connection, Click on it

step 8

Click on Connect

step 9

Select the authentication method (I'll use Username and Password), Click Next

step 10

Enter the Username and Password and click OK

step 11

You will now be connected

step 12

It's that simple, no more waiting around for VPN providers to update their clients Smile