Sys Internals Updater

15 May 2014

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During Channel 9 Live: Defrag Tools Live – Mark Russinovich, Mark Russinovich mentioned that one of the apps might not have been up to date on the machine he was showing really cool things on Smile. So then I thought hey I never update my sys internals apps.

At one point he showed the Autoruns tools and showed the WMI tab


I fired up the app when he did so I can follow and learn new things, when this tab was shown I realized I didn't have the latest of the file. So I decided I could Bing everytime I want to update my Sys Internals apps and then I thought to myself that I'm a developer and that's not what devs do Smile with tongue out.

So I created an app for it which basically just reads off 


and then lets you know what is up to date what you don't have and then let's you easily with the click of a button update your Sys Internals to the latest and greatest Open-mouthed smile


It shows apps that have new updates recently with a little new tag, those are apps that have been updated in the last 7 days.

This is just the first release, some things that I'd probably want to add in the future is things like minimizing to the notification section and then having balloons when there are updates and letting you choose to auto update when possible.

All the code is also available on GitHub on my Sys-Internals-Updater repo