Visual Studio Team Services Overview - Video Series

03 May 2016

Automated Builds Azure Load Testing Release Management Source Control Test Manager VSTS / TFS Work Item Management

A couple weeks ago I was asked to present at DUT to a group of students. The presentation was quite a long one so I had to cut some bits out in order to present in the timeslot that I had. So I decided that I'd record all the content and post it up so that others can potentially benefit from it as well.

VSTS Accounts

A quick intro to what an account is an how to create one.

Team Projects

What are team projects? How can I create one and what can I do to configure it to best work for my team.

Work Item Management

A lap around what the work item management story looks like in VSTS, how you can customize it for your teams and gain more insight into how you are working.

Source Control

What is source control? How can you use it and how to best use it in VSTS.


What does automated builds look like and what can you do with them?

Release Management

Release what? What is release management and why you should be using it.


A lap around the testing features in VSTS and MTM and what you can do with them. This video brings together all the content from above near the end.


The slides from the videos.


Thanks for watching. If there is something you would like a deeper dive in let me know and I can see what I can do Open-mouthed smile.

While I was recording all of this (in family time), my family made an awesome cake Smile.