2020 Journey to 120

This post is just to kick off and mention that I will be doing a series of videos out on YouTube about my 2020 Journey to 120.



A journey worth taking

The post is going to go over the last 10 years (7 in more detail) and how I applied a little self control (eventually) and have sort of changed how I motivate myself to try better and why I came to do that Open-mouthed smile. You can almost think of the journey as being a good movie where the dude in high school has everything, somehow loses it (well finding other great things) and then finds his way again (sort of) Smile with tongue out.



Making a Cake Day

Today I decided to record a presentation I did recently. It will be posted soon but in the meantime here's something else Smile. While I was busy recording my wife (Tiani) decided that her and the kids would make a cake. It was as usual one of the best cakes I've tasted. If you haven't seen any of her other creations take a look at her Facebook page 3 Tiers Novalty Cakes, below is my cake for my 25th birthday cake Open-mouthed smile.