Making a Cake Day

02 May 2016


Today I decided to record a presentation I did recently. It will be posted soon but in the meantime here's something else Smile. While I was busy recording my wife (Tiani) decided that her and the kids would make a cake. It was as usual one of the best cakes I've tasted. If you haven't seen any of her other creations take a look at her Facebook page 3 Tiers Novalty Cakes, below is my cake for my 25th birthday cake Open-mouthed smile.


While the cake was being baked

While my wife was baking the cake the kids were acting like clowns like they always do when my son (Bradley, who is 5) said "hey gran...look" and he through a marshmallow up into the air and it landed in his mouth. He then says "hey mom...look here" and does it again. My wife says wait I'm getting my phone, lots of recordings later he finally repeated it successfully again.

And naturally after this my daughter (Kezren, who is 2) copied him...well at least tried Open-mouthed smile

Such a funny kid, ends up dropping more on the floor Smile

Photo walk-through of the creation

Photo walk-through of one of the most sugar full cakes I've ever eaten.



Thank you

In the end we ate a really awesome, rainbow cake with Jelly Tots, Smarties, Astros and thick icing Open-mouthed smile. You guys are awesome.